provides you

with extensive collections of loose diamonds,

diamond rings, couple rings,

and related accessories which represent the tresure of love
in the most meaningful occasion.


Each of our collection was diligently designed by professional
jewelers who profoundly understand that your wedding ring is
the sensational presence of love and attachment that you will
cherish for the rest of your life and our mission is to pass on
the meaning of love through the finest ring.

Our design are, therefore, focused on classic and timeless
style which can beatify your everlasting love story.

Quality & Credibility

At Soulmate, we take great pride on highest quality and
craftsmanship of all our products. Only exceptional diamonds as well as
genuine platinum & gold are selected and crafted with
heart and care in order to provide the best selection of jewelry
to customers at the most reasonable price.

You can rest assured that every precious product on is authentic. Each item is
accompanied by diamond grading certificate from the leading laboratory
i.e. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGA
(Internaltional Gem Assessment Inc.) which has been widely
accepted around the world.